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Power Rental & Logistics Services

Construction workers

Illuminating Projects, Powering Progress.

Our Mission

Illuminating Projects, Powering ​Progress.

At GIS Rental we are more than just a rental service.

We are your go-to partner for seamless project execution and reliable power and logistic solutions.

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Our Services

  • Power Supply

- Generators

- Light Towers

  • Hand Tools & Equipment ​Rental

  • Commercial Cleaning

- Pressure Washing

- Before/After Construction

  • Emergency Response

- Debris Removal

  • Logistics Services

- Expediting

- Hot Shot

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Whether you have urgent shipments, Hot Shot ​trucking, critical deliveries, or require ongoing ​logistics support, GIS Rental is here to meet your ​needs.

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Hand tools and Equipment ​Rental​

Our mobile cranes can assist with heavy lifting ​tasks common in oil and gas construction, ​emergency recovery and maintenance projects.

Hand Tools
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Power Generation Services

Our Power Generation Services are designed to ​provide you with a robust and dependable source ​of electricity, ensuring that your operations run ​smoothly and efficiently.

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Light Tower Rentals

At GIS Rental, we recognize that visibility is ​paramount on any job site. Our Light Tower ​Rentals are designed to provide brilliant ​illumination, ensuring that your projects move ​forward safely and efficiently, day or night.

we serve...

Subway construction project


Container Ship In The Night


Gray Steel Post Lamp


Oil drilling rig
Brown Concrete Building during Night Time
Ceremonial Event

Oil & Gas


Main Events

Whether you're embarking on a construction project, planning an event, or need lifting solutions for maintenance, GIS Rental is your trusted partner.

Client Testimonials

“We were very satisfied with the ​efficiency and professionalism ​of GIS Rental's logistics services. ​They ensured timely delivery of ​critical materials to our ​construction site, allowing us to ​stay on schedule and within ​budget. Their attention to detail ​and commitment to customer ​satisfaction truly set them ​apart”.

Emily Johnson, Operations Manager, Cantera Construction Company

“Their team delivered a robust ​generator solution that kept our ​operations running smoothly, ​even in challenging conditions. ​Thanks to GIS Rental, we were ​able to meet our project ​deadlines without any ​downtime”.

Jeffries Smith, ​Construction Project ​Manager

"The light tower rentals ​provided by GIS Rental were a ​game-changer for our nighttime ​construction project. The bright ​illumination they offered ​significantly improved visibility ​and safety on-site, allowing our ​team to work with confidence ​around the clock”.

Michael Thompson, Site ​Supervisor

Powering Projects, Energizing ​Success!



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